Sunday June 25, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator: Theatre three, in the forward blade of the mercenary warship Touch-and-Go, in the Fleetmind-controlled Denob Deebah Cluster.
Admiral: This cluster is your turf, Petey. What's the procedure?
Petey: Detective Fitzsimmons will present the case for extradition, and Captain Tagon will present his defense. I will pass judgment.
Massey: Wait. . . What about lawyers?
Petey: Our laws function more smoothly without their "help."
Colonel Kerchak: Do you have immigration applications handy?
Ambassador Breya: No heckling, Colonel. You're supposed to be my security detail.
Colonel Kerchak: I'm sorry. You're right. Can I borrow a pen?
Captain Tagon: Petey. . . Umm. . . Massey is a much better speaker than I am. Couldn't I, you know. . . let him do the talking?
Petey: Captain, under these circumstances, requesting the intercession of an attorney is a sign of a guilty conscience.
Petey: . . . Which is funny, because, you and I both know you are definitely guilty of something.
Petey: It will please the court to hear you say exactly what.