Sunday December 17, 2006
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Narrator: Commander Andreyasn remembers. . .
Elf: Does my hair look okay?
Kevyn: It looks fine, then again, you may be asking the wrong person.
Elf: Why? Because you never have to worry about your own hair?
Kevyn: No, because right now, I can't imagine anything about you looking anything besides fine.
Elf: If you don't stop with the romantic talk we're never going to get out of your cabin and back to work.
Kevyn: And how, exactly, is that remark supposed to change my current conversational tack?
Elf: Kevyn, I don't really want to be seen leaving your cabin this morning.
Kevyn: I embarrass you?
Elf: No. . . I just want to get comfortable with our relationship before everybody else does.
Elf: It looks clear, I'll go first.
Elf: Eeep!
Schlock: Oh, hey, Commander Elf. What're you doing in Kevyn's cabin?
Elf: I. . . Ummm. . .
Kevyn: She and I were planning a surprise for you and you almost spoiled it.
Schlock: Is it a new plasma cannon?
Kevyn: Drat. Now we'll have to think of something else to surprise you with.