Sunday December 31, 2006
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Narrator: Planning a surprise attack. . .
Captain Tagon: Commander, you built TAG to be a great pilot and tactician, should we let him help plan this?
Kevyn: That's what he's there for.
TAG: Very well then, sirs, I have considered the scenario, and propose a fully-committed approach to the attack.
TAG: We lead with all of our terapedoes, bracketing the enemy vessel while laying down teraport interdiction.
TAG: Statistically, we can expect about 5% of our full complement to breach the enemy's shields. That should be more than enough.
TAG: We bring the Touch and Go and the full armor squadron within range, 'porting in on the heels of that spread of breachers. The ship will provide cover fire while the squadron mops up enemy response.
TAG: We have seen the enemy's missiles in action before. I am confident that we can put them out of the fight quickly.
TAG: So quickly that I anticipate principal combat to be complete within seven to ten seconds of 'port. They will barely have time to grasp the totality of their defeat when they receive the terms under which we will allow a surrender. . .
TAG: "Yield immediately, or the terapedoes on your hull will detonate!" HMMMWAAAA HA HA HA HAAA!
TAG: Apologies, sirs. The evil laugh is part of the Karloff skin. It is automatically triggered.
Kevyn: What's the trigger?
TAG: In this case, the fact that capturing an enemy Destroyer intact gives us a massive increase in pay.