Sunday May 13, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Kevyn (soliloquy): I am Commander Kevyn Andreyasn. I have shaped the destinies of worlds, of nations, and galaxies.
Kevyn (soliloquy): I have created and destroyed. I have followed and I have led. I know love, and love has known me back.
Kevyn (soliloquy): I flirt with death for a living, and I have cheated the Reaper more times than I can remember.
Kevyn (soliloquy): The cheating had a price. My body is no longer my own, and when I look into the eyes of my friends, they look into the barrel of a gun.
Kevyn (soliloquy): All futures are uncertain, but mine seems
Petey: Kevyn, quit feeling sorry for yourself and wake up.
Kevyn: What are you doing in my head, Petey? You're interrupting my monologue.
Petey: I'm not in your head. I'm out here, in your cabin with the Doctor trying to wake you up.
Kevyn: Then how come you're able to carry on a conversation with me?
Petey: That's your brain trying to reconcile my insistence that you wake up with the fact that you want to keep dreaming about how miserable you are.
Kevyn: And I suppose you're going to tell me that I just dreamed that explanation, too?
Petey: Yes, but it's really you telling you that.
Petey: Now quit messing with my wardrobe and get your shiny pink self out of bed.