Saturday May 19, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part VI: ...And Into The Fire
Thus Ends Book VI.We bid farewell to Pronto, and we congratulate Elf and Kevyn in finding romance. The question remains... is curiosity more likely to kill the cat when it belongs to a mad scientist, or a demolitions chief. Be here tomorrow for the beginning of Book VII, in which we check up on an old friend...


Captain Tagon: Welcome back, Commander. Commanders. Petey has a new job lined up for us.
Kevyn: A little quieter than the last one, I trust?
Captain Tagon: It's an extraction, he flipped an agent somewhere, and needs somebody to pull him in.
Elf: Why us?
Petey: Because you know the agent, and you've been where he is.
Petey: King General Levaughn Matsui "Hugo" Xinchub needs to be rescued from the Prandial Throne of Yoming.
Kevyn: But. . . We hate that guy.
Petey: And you just LOVE money.