Sunday May 6, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick — Part VI: ...And Into The Fire


Narrator: Debriefings in progress aboard the Mercenary Warship Touch and Go.
Schlock: . . . I popped the lid off, and I heard Kevyn's voice. Good thing, too. I wouldn't have recognized him.
Schlock: We hustled down the hall together, but I couldn't really keep up. He took out two pirates before I even knew they were there.
Schlock: He ordered me into the duct-work, and told me to secure Shufgar. I got there just in time.
Brad: . . . Shufgar was going to shoot Elf right in the face. I couldn't watch.
Brad: So I looked at our guards instead. And then this. . . shadow flitted across them, and they collapsed.
Elf: . . . I thought I was dead. I deserved to be dead. I had been so glad he chose Pronto first, I totally deserved to be next.
Elf: But I wasn't. I opened my eyes and saw that Schlock had the gun, my hair had been parted, and all the guards were on the floor.
Captain Tagon: So. . . I've debriefed your troops, and reviewed Thurl's notes from the cleanup.
Captain Tagon: Yes, I actually read his report.
Captain Tagon: I guess you got some kind of latent, super soldier-boosting from Petey?
Captain Tagon: Come on, Kevyn. Say something.
Kevyn: I quit.
Captain Tagon: Say something else?