Sunday January 6, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part V: Collecting


Narrator: The U.N.S. Battleplate Morokweng is really, really big. There is room inside it for dozens of capital warships.
Narrator: And even with all that space given over to berth, drydock, fabber, and foundry, there is room for an entire city of crew members.
Narrator: Some of those crew members are sweeping the Touch-And-Go and the Terra Firmator.
Narrator: This is a by-the-numbers operation. With prisoners calmly rounded up and escorted to holding areas in the Morokweng, there is no resistance to speak of.
Narrator: That is not the same as "no resistance," however.
Pibald: Don't take another step, or I'll blow us all to the Kumquat Kingdom!