Monday January 28, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part V: Collecting


Narrator: Seventeen minutes later. . .
Doctor Bunnigus: They planned to kill all of us. Project Laz'R'Us is a pretty big deal.
Doctor Bunnigus: I didn't cut a deal. I suggested an alternative.
Doctor Bunnigus: I told the Admiral about how consciousness is moved, and what we'd observed in the moving and restoration of memories.
Doctor Bunnigus: Then. . . I offered her our memories in place of our lives.
Doctor Bunnigus: She complained that it would be too time-consuming, and was too experimental.
Doctor Bunnigus: So I winked at DeHaans, and he said "I was going to experiment on them anyway. . ."
Reverend Theo: Your delivery would be funnier if my brain wasn't part of the punchline.