Wednesday January 30, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part V: Collecting


Reverend Theo: About those vows. See. . . I'm morally opposed to having my mind and memories altered, even to save my life.
Reverend Theo: But now that we're married, you've got me playing Adam to your Eve. I can keep one Commandment, "Don't eat the fruit," by not eating it.
Reverend Theo: Or I can keep another Commandment, "Cleave to your wife," by eating the fruit with you, and staying with you through all of the consequences.
Reverend Theo: Lots of people wonder if Adam made the right decision. I think he did, but I doubt I'm strong enough to do the same.
Doctor Bunnigus: I don't think they're going to give us a choice in the matter.
Reverend Theo: Oh. Problem solved. Adam tells God that the Serpent force-fed him an apple while he slept, and BAM! He woke up wondering why he never before noticed he was naked.