Monday January 21, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part V: Collecting


Reverend Theo: We're going to be okay. I've got a really good feeling about this. We can lay low, and be fine.
Doctor Bunnigus: Honey, I don't know what you're feeling, but there's no way they can let us live.
Doctor Bunnigus: And it's not just that. . . They need to know everything we know. I've analyzed those nanites. I saved some data from our old Doc's cryokit.
Doctor Bunnigus: Why, the information in his head alone. . .
Doctor Bunnigus: Hey! Torturer! Pick me first! Pick me pick me pick MEEEE!
Reverend Theo: That is not laying low, sweetie. The good feeling is going awaaay.