Sunday July 5, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part II: Barsoom Circus Command


NARRATOR: Marineris D.C. Police, Precinct Fourteen...

MARINERIS D.C. DETECTIVE: One more time.  Who are you, and why were you trying to eat the dam?

SCHLOCK: I work security for the circus.  Call chief Zysk, he'll vouch for me.  I'm undercover as a janitor.

SCHLOCK: Zysk asked me to sniff around for Boomex 'cause one of his clowns got blown up a couple months ago.

I didn't smell any trace of the stuff at the circus, so I thought I'd sniff the crime scene on the dam and make sure that was the right explosive.

MARINERIS D.C. DETECTIVE: And can you really smell traces of Boomex from a seven-week-old blast site that has since been hosed down, bleached, and rained on?

SCHLOCK: You bet.  If you're going to clean up a blast site, use better bleach.

MARINERIS D.C. DETECTIVE: Thanks for the tip.  If you get tired of working for Zysk we might be able to offer you a job.

SCHLOCK: Does this mean I can go now?

MARINERIS D.C. DETECTIVE: One more question.  Have you met Lieutenant Timmons before today?

SCHLOCK: I thought so, but you bipeds all look alike to me.

MARINERIS D.C. DETECTIVE: Fine.  You're free to go.

SCHLOCK: *thought bubble* You all smell alike too.

*thought bubble* Every last one of you smells like Boomex.