Wednesday July 22, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part II: Barsoom Circus Command


NARRATOR: Incoming call from Thurl...

THURL: *over comm* Sergeant!  How is it going?  Are you making any progress?

NARRATOR: This isn't the 'return to base' call.  That one is still 72 hours away.

SCHLOCK: *thought bubble* Make something up.  Be vague.  No telling who might be listening in...

SCHLOCK: Not yet.  It's confusing.  Thurl, between the clowns, the cops, and the handlers...  I don't know what I should do.

THURL: *over comm* I don't believe it.

SCHLOCK: Believe what?

THURL: *over comm* I've been answering "What would Schlock do?" questions for a month now.  I can't believe I'm getting one from Schlock himself.


THURL: *over comm* Eat it, kill it, make friends with it, or take a bath in it.  Those are the points on your moral compass.

SCHLOCK: That's... actually really helpful.

Gotta go.  Bye!

THURL: I hope he picks "bath"

... and doesn't make the news.