Sunday September 5, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


GEN. TAGON: Here he is.  How are you feeling, boy?

TAGON: I'll be fine.  Just need a little nap.

GEN. TAGON: He needs a medic.  He took a knife to the eye, deep.  I think he's bleeding into his brain.

EBBY: There's an enemy platoon between us and our medic right now.  We're cut off.

GEN. TAGON: If you've got a nanny-bag, "cut off" is probably the way to go.


TAGON: We're on desperate ground.  We can't afford to carry wounded.  Fix me, or leave me.

EBBY: Captain, if you're bleeding in your brain you need more than some tape and a slap on the butt.  You need micro-surgery, tiny sutures, precisely applied...

Tiny sutures...

TAILOR: Oh, no.

EBBY: Tiny, precise stitching...

TAILOR: I'm a clothier, not a doctor.

EBBY: Yeah, but you can sew.  I think I know enough xenoanatomy to point you at the right blood vessels.

EBBY: We can do this.  It's not... ummm...

TAILOR: "It's not rocket science?"

EBBY: Exactly.  It's not rocket science.