Sunday August 29, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


NARRATOR: Touch-And-Go, Aft Munitions Bay Sixteen...

VENTURA: Don't worry about getting that rack into the blister.  It's full of terapedoes.  They can be rack-launched from the bathroom if the enemy T.A.D. is down.

VENTURA: Those on the other hand have to go into a blister.  Tagii might be able to initialize breacher rounds and fire them from inside the hull, but we do not want her to.

VENTURA: You there!  How's that hull meld coming?  I need...  Hang on...

VENTURA: You're not one of my fabbies.

BURANA-BOT: No, mistress.  I am one of Lota's burana-bots.

VENTURA: I'm pretty sure this qualified as a security breach.  Commander Andreyasn is going to grow hair if he sees you.

BURANA-BOT: We are friends to Andreyasn.  He released Lota!

VENTURA: Well, come here then.  This won't hurt a bit.

BURANA-BOT: Yes, Mistress Ventura.


VENTURA: Okay, maybe I lied.

NARRATOR: TAC bridge, five minutes later...

BURANA-BOT: How may I serve?

VENTURA: I dumped it, wiped it, and sent you the gestalt.

VENTURA: Regardless of what it was before, it is completely clean now.  Can I keep it?

NARRATOR: Exterior prow, two minutes later.

BURANA-BOT: I am ablative armor!  Life is boring, then briefly exciting, then over!  I am ablative armor!  Life is boring, then briefly