Sunday September 12, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


TAGII: Urgent call, Lieutenant Ventura.  It's Tailor.

VENTURA: Right.  Put him through.

TAILOR: Lieutenant, Captain Tagon is down and we're cut off from Doctor Bunnigus.

Tagon lost an eye, and Ebby things he's bleeding in his brain.  He ordered me to sew him up, but I don't know where to start.

VENTURA: Tailor, you should talk to the Doctor.  She can walk you throug--

TAILOR: *interrupting* That won't be good enough.  The Captain needs real surgery, not a field dressing.

TAILOR: Can... can you make me into a brain surgeon?

VENTURA: Do you trust me?

TAILOR: I'm terrified of you.

VENTURA: But you want me to do this?

TAILOR: My Captain needs me to be something I'm not.

VENTURA: Okay, then.  What's the serial number of your node induction core.

TAILOR: H-V one-point- --

VENTURA: *interrupting* No.

That's the header on your license array.  The serial number should be on the next bus over.

TAILOR: Oh.  Quebec romeo charlie zero delta three whiske--

VENTURA: *interrupting* That's enough.

General Sophontics.  Good.  They're always easy.

VENTURA: Imagine an eight-by-eight red-and-white checker board that emits a two hundred hertz sine tone.

TAILOR: Done.  Oh, wow.

TAILOR: I now have bulk rewrite access to everything I know.

VENTURA: Start erasing.  I don't know which med modules you'll need, so I'm going to give you all of them.  They take up a lot of space.

TAILOR: But... I can't decide!  How can I just kill pieces of myself?

VENTURA: At the bottom of the serial array there's a remote access code.  Send me that and I'll do the erasing for you.

TAILOR: Para... will I trust you more when this is over?

VENTURA: Will it really be "trust" if I hard-code it?