Sunday February 6, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


NARRATOR: Back in Parnassus Dom...

TAGII: I have a report from Ennesby.

The doctor's team is currently taking cover in an abandoned retail parcel.  They were assaulted, and then someone attempted to steal their transportation.

TAGON: That didn't take long.  Why aren't they already on their way back?

TAGII: Their bus defended itself by running away.  Ennesby said Schlock wants you to know that a gunship would not have done that.

TAGON: I'm never going to hear the end of that.

TAGON: But the Sergeant's got a point.  Load up the longboat and have Shodan assemble a strike team.

TAGII: Sir, Ennesby recommends against an overt extraction, and I concur.  There is an IAC warrant out against us.

TAGON: Eye-ay-cee?

TAGII: Interdiction and Asset Confiscation: If we fly into U.N.S. space with anything remotely military they will intercept, board, and confiscate.

TAGON: So we take the Touch-And-Go and muscle our way through.

TAGII: The warrant was issued by U.N.S. Admiralty, not traffic control.  We would be facing carrier groups and battleplates, not police cruisers.

TAGON: I guess we scored some fame with that last foxtrot.

TAGII: Fame would be fine.  That action earned us infamy.