Sunday January 30, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


NARRATOR: The mean streets of Haven Hive...

BUNNI: Ennesby!  How are we doing?

TAILOR: Drop that knife, and I'll let you put both hands on top of your head.

ENNESBY: We won.  Four bad guys down, plus the one Tailor's got in a scissors-hold.

Three more are running away, but I disarmed them.

BUNNI: Regroup!  Haul the wounded into the open!

SCHLOCK: Sorry about the push.  You okay?

PARA: I...  I fell down.  I just couldn't fight.

SCHLOCK: No problem.  You're not supposed to.

PARA: I froze.  Why did I freeze?

BUNNI: Sergeant, where are the other two?

SCHLOCK: Why are you asking me?

BUNNI: Because you look bigger.