Sunday February 27, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: Baffler's Bulkhead, Haven Hive...


Sign: *over door, hand-written* ShepHard

MA SHEPHARD: *through camcomm* Hello?

SCHLOCK: Hi.  Is Shep there?  We used to work together.

MA SHEPHARD: *through camcomm* Jeremiah!  What have you gotten into this time?  Somebody's gone and dumped on our stoop!

BUNNI: Okay, Sergeant.  My turn.

BUNNI: Ma'am, we're friends of Jeremiah Shepherd.  Can we speak to him?

SHEP: *through camcomm* Relax, Ma, that ain't poop up there.

MA SHEPHARD: *through camcomm* Well, now it's not.  She's pretty.  It's about time you had lady-friends calling.

BUNNI: Hello.  May we come in?

MA SHEPHARD: You come right on down.  My boy is sure to be happy to see you!

MA SHEPHARD: Three beautiful women!  Jeremiah, you've been holding out on

MA SHEPHARD: ummm...

MA SHEPHARD: Oh, dear.

SCHLOCK: 'Dumped on the stoop' is a new one.