Sunday February 13, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


NARRATOR: Haven Hive, in an abandoned retail parcel

KATHRYN: Hey, look at that.  The funds transferred.

You just bought yourself some military intelligence.

SCHLOCK: Darn.  I was hoping for real intelligence.

KATHRYN: Oh ha.  That joke never gets old.

KATHRYN: Ennesby, we need maps, and we need to know where the enemy might have eyes.

You found this bolt-hole for us, I assume you can find ways for us to get around unseen.

ENNESBY: Can do.

KATHRYN: Legs and Schlock, we need to pool those captured weapons, as well as anything you might have smuggled onto the hive.

Start with the purse-popper I scored.

KATHRYN: Get me ammo counts, and figure out if any of our ammunition is interchangeable.

SCHLOCK: Sounds like fun.

KATHRYN: Do this without, I repeat without discharging any of the weapons.

LEGS: Nope.  Just tedious.