Sunday February 20, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


NARRATOR: The Botequimed in Haven Hive...

Boy: Mister Sampaio, I'm back.

Mama-Vo drank the 'nostic, and then we waited ten minutes, and here's what she spit up.

SAMPAIO: Good work, little man.  Let's have a look.

SAMPAIO: Blue, with flecks of black and silver, eh?

The 'nostic nannies are telling us she needs Professor Pau's Number Sixteen.

Boy: Is that one expensive?

SAMPAIO: They're all expensive, lad.  But not to worry.

SAMPAIO: Have your Mama-Vo thumbsign this garnish card, and she can pay me once she's working again.

Just bring that back and I'll send you home with a bottle of Sixteen.

SAMPAIO: Now, where were we?

Sign: No Mer

SAMPAIO: Oh, that's right.  You were explaining to me how eight of you got jumped during your own ambush.

TINO: They had a blob that eats people, and a flying robot with scissors.

SAMPAIO: Professor Pau's Formula Twenty-Three might work on a grown man who has clearly lost his balls.