Thursday March 17, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: Into the incertezas of Haven Hive...

Sign: PAU

KATHRYN: Schlock and Legs are both stronger and faster than I am.

KATHRYN: And Schlock said he could smell fear...

If that's true, his sense of smell might let him track me.

Only (You)
Can P(revent)
Station (Fires)

KATHRYN: I can't even slow him down with my pistol.

If they're smart, they'll send Schlock after me.  And even if they're not, he's too aggressive not to give chase of his own volition.

KATHRYN: Figure a thirty second head-start...

I probably have about ten seconds to come up with a plan for not getting eaten.