Sunday March 27, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: A wet corner of the incertezas in Haven Hive...

LEGS: Yup. This is where it went down.  Kathryn used the fire suppression hose and splattered Schlock all over this alley.

SCHLOCK: Where's the rest of me?

BUNNI: "Sixty separate bags," she said.  Maybe there was a rolling dumpster, and she moved it.

ENNESBY: She got to the cameras already.  No video trail for us to follow.

LEGS: There's no clear scent trail, either.  All this water is diluting everything.

SHEP: At least we're not the only ones having a bad night.  Those volunteer haz-mat guys look terrified.

BUNNI: Oh, so that's what all the fuss is out in the...

BUNNI: ... street.

BUNNI: Haz-mat isn't having a bad night.  They're part of our bad night, and they're probably trying to make it worse.