Sunday July 24, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Beggar Bay...

S.A. Trooper 2: *shouting* Major Murtaugh!  We've got walking wounded!

Shades: I'll be fine.  The bullet will work its way out in a couple of days.

MURTAUGH: I don't care if they're walking.  Pull all the casualties onto Bristlecone.

MURTAUGH: Professor Pau pushed the panic button, and there are eight combatants and one fire between us and him.

One way or another this deck is going to get hot.

S.A. Trooper 1: Major, I've got a prisoner!

Check the uniform.  She's definitely one of the ones that came through earlier.

MURTAUGH: And she's still wearing her helmet, you idiot.

S.A. Trooper 1: I... oh.  Sorry, sir.

MURTAUGH: After you're done reporting our positions to your friends, please pass along my invitation that they surrender.

PARA: I wasn't talking to them!  But I guess that would have been a good idea?

MURTAUGH: Open the channel, then.  I need to have strong words with whoever dressed you up like a soldier, little girl.