Sunday June 26, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Outside the Serial Beggar's Happifun Rec-Dec ...

ENNESBY: Your grid of cameras doesn't tell me what's behind this door.

PAU: We took out all of those cameras.  That was part of the security.

ENNESBY: Well I don't feel very secure not knowing what's behind that door before we open it.

PAU: Your security wasn't what we were planning for.

SCHLOCK: What happened to 'I will stop all the bullets?'

PAU: I am in this business to save lives.  Yes, including my own.  I can probably recover from a gunshot wound more readily than I can from being eaten by whatever you are.

SCHLOCK: Hmph.  Fair enough, I guess.

PAU: The operation behind that door has saved tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of lives.

We've had to start hiding certain population data, because the elderly and the infirm are no longer expiring.  At all.

PAU: Let me go in alone.  I'll bring your friend back to you.

You see, if we don't keep this a secret, it all ends.  The government will take it away.

SCHLOCK: Wow.  I have got to see this for myself.

ENNESBY: He's like a large child that way.

Also, we don't trust you.