Sunday January 1, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


NARRATOR: Barad-Mellon in Parnassus Dom...

TAGON: In the days following our mission on Yoming we were held captive by the U.N.S. aboard the battleplate Morokweng, and our memories of the mission were altered.

Yoming mission memories were not the only alterations.  Many things were changed in our heads in order to more completely bury certain secrets.

TAGON: To my limited understanding, this was done at gunpoint.  We were told to choose between brain surgery and death.

TAGON: None of us remember this.

TAGON: None of us except Sergeant Schlock, who, as he explained to me over a very tall, sludgy drink, shoved a piece of his brain into one of his eyeballs to smuggle it past the doctors.

TAGON: Several days ago Petey used that information to identify which of my memories were artificial.

TAGON: Several weeks ago Sergeant Schlock used that information to "eliminate" the doctor responsible for the project and... "dispose" of the body.

SCHLOCK: Ennesby gave me a shorter word to say all that, sir.

SCHLOCK: 'Assassineated.'

TAGON: Ennesby needs to stop inventing words.