Wednesday February 1, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


SCHLOCK: Umm... where are we going?

BUNNI: To a wandering planetoid at the far end of the Carina-Cygnus arm.

SCHLOCK: I meant 'where are we walking?'  You're in a hurry.

BUNNI: We are walking to the Touch-And-Go.

SCHLOCK: Ah!  Because we're deploying to fight some wandering plant-oid with Cygnus arms.  Got it.

I am sober and ready for action.

BUNNI: "Yes sir, the Sergeant is fit for duty."  And then I can get on with my day.

SCHLOCK: So... Cygnus Arms: Plasguns?  Projectiles?  What do they make?