Sunday January 8, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


NARRATOR: Outside the operating theater...

SHODAN: Nick, there's nothing to be afraid of.

NICK: Sorry, Lieutenant Commander.  I just can't.

SHODAN: Corporal Nicholson, this will cost you your job.  You know that, right?

NICK: Sacrifices gotta be made.  For the objective, you know?

SHODAN: What objective?  Nick, tell me what's going on!

NICK: I haven't had a girlfriend since I was sixteen.  At least not until last month, when I met Liz at Mall-One.

But I've met lots of girls.  Is Liz that different from them?  Or is it me that's different?

NICK: If the U.N.S. messed around in my brain, maybe I am different.  And maybe I'm better this way.  Happier.

And if I'm better and happier, isn't that objective worth some sacrifice?

SHODAN: Nick...  This is the most thought I've ever seen you put into something.  I can see you're serious.  You're really being smart about this.

SHODAN: But do you really believe the U.N.S. messed with you in order to make you a better, happier person?  They're not that competent, much less that benign.

NICK: Be nine of what?

SHODAN: See, that's more like your usual level of cognition, Corporal.  I'm confident that down deep you're the same person you've always been.

NICK: Nine of what?