Thursday January 26, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


SCHLOCK: The cakes have been taken care of.  How did the 'speak now or hold your peace' part go?

ENNESBY: They didn't do it.

ENNESBY: If I'd known they weren't going to do it I'd have just blurted something out, but no... they got to the end of the ceremony perfectly, no interruptions.

ENNESBY: Wait...  Cakes?  Plural?

SCHLOCK: There were two.  Petey saw me coming, but he tipped his hand too early.

ENNESBY: I know Petey.  If he made two, he made more than two.

PETEY: Actually, I made eleven in case you managed to do something genuinely unpredictable.