Sunday February 5, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: One 50,000-light-year teraport later, at the outer end of the Carina-Cygnus arm...

TAGON: Touch-And-Go will be above us using the Very Dangerous Array to maintain a secure perimeter.  This is the easy part.

The hard part will be on the ground, inside the base on the other side of that lock.  That's where most of us will be stationed.

TAGON: The Gavs didn't ask for a police force, but that's because they don't think they need one.

TAGON: They're all alike!  Why would any of them betray the others, or steal, or pick a fight?

TAGON: And that's what makes your job so difficult.  If there is some sort of a problem down here the perpetrator is going to look exactly like everyone else.

TAGON: Watch, listen, and don't let yourself get freaked out by the sea of identical faces.

Let's go.

CHISULO: Yeah, they all look alike to me, but I've got a little bit of a racist streak.