Thursday May 3, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: Oisri Dig Base, Medical Wing...

CIKITSAKA: Doctor Bunnigus, I presume?

BUNNI: Yes.  Doctor Cikitsaka, I'm glad you came in person.

CIKITSAKA: It was no trouble.  Notteri Again was making a supply run.

Besides, I wanted to see this for myself.

BUNNI: The patient is right this way, conscious and not at all like a zombie.  He's still under quarantine, of course.  That's S.O.P. for any case of necromotility.

CIKITSAKA: For now, yes.

CIKITSAKA: We'll have to rewrite S.O.P. once we're sure Retro-Exocephaloderm works like it's supposed to.

BUNNI: If it's supposed to give the rest of us nightmares, it works like a dream.