Sunday May 20, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: U.N.S. Int-Aff-Int, Europa...

Unknown 1: "Usar" has eyes all over Oisri.  According to the last packet we received the Gavs still don't know what the artifact is, and the Toughs are reasonably well emplaced both in orbit and on the ground.

Uknown 2: Okay.  Now compare that to this most recent packet from "Manis."

Unknown 1: Interesting...  Oh, my...  This is worrisome.  I'll drop "Usar" some new orders.  Our little plant needs to take a more active role in affairs.

NARRATOR: Touch-And-Go, patrolling space around Oisri...

TAGII: Mistress Ventura, may I trouble you to run some diagnostics for me?

PARA: Certainly, Tagii.  A quick transduction analysis along Helix One, perhaps?

TAGII: That should do, yes.

PARA: Initiating...  Yes, there does seem to be some anomalous noise.  Let's have a look.

TAGII: You've got mail.

PARA: And you need to scrape that ancient AOL skin out of your system.  It's creepy.