Sunday April 1, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


NARRATOR: 75,000 light years away, aboard the free gunship Bristlecone...

NICK: That movie was stupid.

KATHRYN: How can you tell?  You were talking through the whole thing.

NICK: I wasn't talking.  I was complaining.

KATHRYN: We picked an action movie this time so you wouldn't complain.

NICK: Well, you should have picked one that wasn't stupid.  Did you see Sergeant Hatchett's pistols?

KATHRYN: Oh, not this again.

NICK: The GG-130 can't have custom grips and a palm lock.

KATHRYN: That's just an engineering problem.  Hatchett could have had his pistols custom-made.

NICK: On a cop's salary?  No way.

KATHRYN: Look, the story required him to have white gold pistol grips.  Otherwise his bullets wouldn't have hurt the ghosts.  They explained that.

NICK: But they didn't explain how he got white gold grips and a palm lock onto a police-issue GG-130.

KATHRYN: So... you'll let them make up rules about ghosts, but they can't make up rules about custom pistols?

NICK: They can't make up rules about custom pistols because I already know those rules.

NICK: Wait... are you saying they made up all that stuff about the ghosts?

KATHRYN: For just a moment there I thought you had a career as a film critic ahead of you.