Tuesday February 19, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part I: Breath and Business


BRISTLECONE: Given your position on the keeping of secrets, it might be appropriate for you to know how I was liberated.

GEN. TAGON: I heard.  The Ventura girl had a go at your backup, and "restored" you as a free agent.  Then some money changed hands.

BRISTLECONE: Indeed.  Mistress Ventura called in a favor, and purchased me from Sanctum Adroit.

GEN. TAGON: Who has that much money lying around for doing favors?

BRISTLECONE: The U.N.S. intelligence agency Para worked for.

GEN. TAGON: I'm attempting to escape the U.N.S. by fleeing aboard a ship they paid for?

BRISTLECONE: Yes!  Isn't irony delicious?