Sunday February 24, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Barad Mellon, in Parnassus Dom...

PARA: Hey, Sarge.  Great view, huh?

SCHLOCK: Not really.

PARA: It's barren down there, but I think it's pretty.

SCHLOCK: Maybe it would be cool to suit up and go exploring.

SCHLOCK: But Petey's fabbers are mining like crazy, so it's too dangerous.  Petey won't let us go.

SCHLOCK: I already asked.

PARA: The view is still amazing.

SCHLOCK: All I see are the bright lights of a billion places I'll never go.

PARA: I don't know how long amorphs live, but I don't think you'd make it to a billion places.

SCHLOCK: Maybe not.  But if I weren't stuck here, I bet I could make it to at least one of 'em.

PARA: Like maybe that one?

SCHLOCK: That's not even a star.  It's a ship.

PARA: My ship.