Sunday April 7, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


TAGON: By your leave, Cox'n?

NARRATOR: Aboard the free gunboat Bristlecone, which is in turn aboard the Oafan ship Mialhoua-Ua...

PARA: By all means, Captain.

PARA: I've got work here for Andreyasn, Foxworthy, and the mess crew.  The rest of the company is yours.

TAGON: My company.  Right.

(unknown): Whoa.

(unknown): Roomy.

MURTAUGH: Our clients appear to be claustrophobes.

TAGON: Secure that, Murtaugh.

SCHLOCK: If you need an aerial scout, I brought my plasgun.

TAGON: Noted.  Keep it in your mouth.

HIOEFUA: Welcome afoot to Mialhoua-Ua, Captain Tagon!  Honoring us, and her!  This vessel is undoubting smaller than some you have victoriously underfooted afore, but for humble size she is remaining proud of age.

TAGON: There's nothing wrong with a solid, old vessel.  Our current boat is six centuries old.

HIOEFUA: Six of great venerability, I am assuming, by your standards.

Mialhoua-Ua is boasting happy to be older than your race.

TAGON: Well... she doesn't look a day over forty thousand.