Sunday April 28, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Aboard the unironically-named Prabstdi vessel Mothership...

TAGON: Admiral Fless, thank you for seeing us in person.

FPHLESSCE: It's pronounced "Fphlessce," Captain, and I'm greeting you myself to avoid the unpleasant repetition of "Let me talk to your superior" that would inevitably ensue had I sent a more appropriately-ranked lieutenant to this meeting.

GEN. TAGON: You're off to a great start, here.

TAGON: We'll be brief, Admiral.  We're here at Ambassador Hioefua's request.  We want access to the station interior.

If you can offer teraport authentication pairs, we will be out of your way immediately.

FPHLESSCE: You can teraport home.  Station interior access?  Denied.

TAGON: But the Oafa...

FPHLESSCE: The Oafa are our wards.  They are like children, with little authority and no responsibility.

This facility is not theirs to grant you access to, and as I understand their finances, they have no currency with which to pay for your services.

TAGON: Thank you.  We'll be off.

TAGON: Bristlecone!  Get those soundings and find us a good place to punch in through the hull.

FPHLESSCE: This station is a priceless, ancient artifact!  You cannot "punch in through the hull!"

TAGON: Check my resumé.  I think you'll find that I can.