Sunday March 31, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Bristlecone, Command Deck...

TAGON: So... orders, Cox'n?

PARA: Bristlecone!  Stow the foils, swing barrels tight, and bring us in!

Tagon!  Murtaugh!  We've got fifteen bunks, five officer berths, and thirty-five souls aboard.

Give me a three-shift duty roster that keeps those souls from sleeping on tables in the Company Mess.

TAGON: What about the--

PARA: *interrupting* The Captain's Cabin goes to you and your father.  Share.

PARA: Tailor, you're the only corpsman we've got.  The Medbay is your space.  Own it.  I don't want anybody dying in it.

Schlock!  Transfer my day-bag to the Robotics Bay on Main-Deck.  That space will be my quarters and my office until further notice.

PARA: Andreyasn! You have my permission to build a lab in the Cargo Bay.

Make it... Pi-proof.

Shodan!  General!  Run everyone else through prep-dress on Maindeck!  Lock what's staying, wear what's going outside.

ELF: Wow.

PARA: I'm sorry, Commander Foxworthy.  Did I surprise you with a display of competence?

ELF: Maybe, ma'am, but "wow" was for the view.