Sunday September 8, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Command Deck, Bristlecone...

TAGON: How long until the missile pods are reloaded?

BRISTLECONE: I can't do it myself.  My reloaders were suborned and subsequently re-assigned to a crime syndicate on Haven Hive.

TAGON: Shodan!  The missile pods need to be reloaded manually.  Grab Pi, 'Chelle, and however many idle hands you need.

SHODAN: Steep learning curve, sir.  How soon do you want this done?

TAGON: Before the next attack.  No, I don't know when that is.

KATHRYN: Captain, that last attack was very energetic.  The station might be less likely to engage in that manner if we're closer to the biosphere.

TAGON: Good thinking.  I'll take those odds.

Bristlecone!  Dive.  Get us close to the surface, and keep us under cloud cover.


BRISTLECONE: Descending at Mach 8, sir.

TAGON: Our goal is still the east end of the station.

BRISTLECONE: Understood.

SHODAN: Extra-vehicular operations in an atmospheric environment at hypersonic speeds...

'CHELLE: ... loading high-energy munitions into antiquated weapon pods ...

I'm pretty sure none of us have done anything like this before.

PI: *shouting* Sir!  I volunteer to go first, sir!