Sunday January 5, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Command Deck...

KATHRYN: Captain, we need to start thinking about this a little differently.

TAGON: Ah.  Unsolicited advice.  That's why you're standing here next to me.  Fine.  Go ahead.

KATHRYN: The original mission was a vermin extermination run.

Then the definition of "vermin" was extended to the whole biosphere, so the mission became one of exploration and intel-gathering.

KATHRYN: Then our clients' patrons got attacked, and this became a rescue mission.

KATHRYN: *inside the ship* But now?  The Prabstdi survivors have been rescued, and the automated defense system we were fighting has shown real intelligence.  It took hostages!

KATHRYN: It hasn't spoken to us yet, not with words, but it's trying to negotiate.

TAGON: I get that.  What's your point?

KATHRYN: Captain Tagon, you've moved outside the domain where your usual run-and-gun methodology will be appropriate.  This is the domain of diplomats.

TAGON: I sent our only trained diplomat out the sally port because he set himself on fire.