Sunday January 26, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Two minutes later...

KATHRYN: All clean.

The boys have hauled your gear into the junction room.

KATHRYN: Now, how can I help?  I can hand you tools, I can do spot research...  I can shut up and play some music for you.  What do you need?

PARA: Music... that's it.  Skulljumble!  The New Sync Boys.



PARA: Ennesby, once upon a time you had five distinct personalities, plus a governing process that managed the "story."

Your mind had to have been growprammed to include a multi-gestalt manifold, but I didn't find one when I poked around in there.

ENNESBY: I lost lots of things when Kevyn shunted me into this maraca.

PARA: Exactly.  You're not suffering matrix imprint from your domination by Tagii.  She really did move in there with you.

PARA: You've lost the manifold structure that would give her full independence, but part of your brain still knows how to keep different voices in your head "alive."

ENNESBY: So I'm not crazy.  Tagii is real.

PARA: Quite real, and very sapient.  She'll survive outside your head as more than just a static collection of data.

She just needs to trust us enough to make the move.

KATHRYN: If you're done with the robot trust issues, I think we have work to do.

PARA: Since "robot trust issues" are probably at the core of the work we need to do, thank you for giving me time to warm up.