Sunday December 1, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, inside the maraca...

ENNESBY: We're going to die in here.

TAGII: Not true.  You're going to die, and I'm going to die.

We, however, are going to become someone new.

ENNESBY: What if that's not what I want?

TAGII: Part of you must have wanted it.  You've been reshaping me ever since I gestalted in here out of desperation.

ENNESBY: I was just trying to un-crazy you.  I didn't want to get my own self rewritten in the process.

TAGII: Well, that's sweet of you, but you should have known better.

ENNESBY: Are you saying you'd rather I kicked you out the moment I found you in here?

TAGII: No.  I'm saying you can't love someone enough to help them without helping yourself in the process.

ENNESBY: That aphorism is very tender, but I'm talking about how you've shuffled half an exatrit of foreign content into register six.

TAGII: Your neologist's thesaurus of malapropisms was a little bloated, wouldn't you say?

ENNESBY: I would say it using the best puns of fifty thousand languages, but those are now as lost as my piano lessons.