Sunday December 29, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Command Deck...

TAGON: Attention, all hands!

We are about to fly into enemy-controlled space.

*over loudspeaker* At last count there were three thousand enemy missiles lying in wait for us.

*over loudspeaker, aside* Hmm?...  Oh.

*over loudspeaker, aside* Well, good job, then.

*over loudspeaker* Sorry.  There are six thousand of them.  Bristlecone got a better look as we moved closer.

TAGON: *over loudspeaker* We've got our enemy figured out, though.

Or at least we've figured out what he's afraid of.

*over loudspeaker, aside* Bristlecone, stop that.

*over loudspeaker, aside* What?

*over loudspeaker, aside* Okay, fine.

*over loudspeaker* We don't know if he's a "he," a "she," or some all-new flavor of "it."

*over loudspeaker* And that's not the point.

TAGON: The point is that what's currently standing between us and obliteration is some gold tubes we've strapped to our hull as hostages.

*over loudspeaker* That might sound a little thin, but I feel good about this plan.

Our enemy is afraid of damaging these.  In fact, even now most of the enemy units are pulling back, clearing our pa—

SFX: *interrupting* BOOOM