Saturday January 25, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies

Note: The astute reader may recall that when Para Ventura assisted with the refit of the Touch And Go she did just fine in a null-gee, weightless environment. Why is she losing her lunch now? Well, back then she was in a flight suit, and those are designed to provide micro-gravity sufficient to settle the stomach. That said, in her line of work she really should have taken the trouble to train for this sort of eventuality. 


TREVOR: See?  Up here it's not so bad.

PARA: Oh, sure.  Instead of worrying that I might fall, I feel like I'm always falling.

TREVOR: I know!  Isn't it...

PARA: (off-panel, sick) *Urp*

TREVOR: Sorry.  I didn't bring a bag for that.

PARA: *sick* It's everywhere!