Wednesday May 7, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence

Note: SophRes is the shortened version of Sophonate Resolution. These are the laws passed by the Sophonate of the United Nations of Sol, the legislative body whose representatives are elected, appointed, or selected by lottery so that each of the many races living in Sol System is represented, including those of non-Terran origin. 

By the late 21st century, racism was an evil largely unmade with broad intermingling of human cultures, wide access to information, and social pressure. The late 31st century Sophonate is inherently racist, but this is because "race" in the 31st century is shorthand for "species of sophont," and let's face it, the Elephants, the Dolphins, the Humans, and the squid-like Schuul on Earth all have differing interests and needs based on their biology. 

Given the enormous breadth of anatomies represented in the Sophonate, it should come as no surprise that 93% of the 41,177 pages in SophRes 211 are devoted to defining "gun." Also, 94% of all gunsmiths and related weapon experts agree that they still got it wrong.


MURTAUGH: Ennesby!  Give Sergeant Schlock the legalese, please?

ENNESBY: Per SophRes 211, the Gubernatorial Arena of Dom Atlantis is a "gun-free" zone.

SCHLOCK: I've snuck guns past checkpoints before.

MURTAUGH: Have you ever started wars by doing it?

SCHLOCK: Started and finished, I think.  That's how my job goes.