Sunday May 25, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Admiral Emm's temporary H.Q. in the Trojan Shipyards...

EMM: Kowalski, I need you in Dom Atlantis.

KOWALSKI: Understood.  I'm looking at our closest sleeper right now.

EMM: How soon can you have your gestalt ready?

KOWALSKI: Dunno.  The girl's gone native.  Husband and son, and I can't find a gestalt from her anywhere.

EMM: Oh, her.  She's a deep sleeper.  The newest gestalt we have from her is from before her marriage.

KOWALSKI: I can't fake "mommy" or "wife" well enough to fool the family.  They'll have to go.

EMM: You're a monster.  You know that, right?

KOWALSKI: I never get tired of being called that.

KOWALSKI: Sometimes your number comes up.  Nobody said life was going to be fair.

NARRATOR: Dom Atlantis...

husband: Our number came up!  We won a berth on the next Solcruise!

LIBRETTI: Seriously?  I just locked in overtime.

husband: Can't you unlock that?

LIBRETTI: You know I need the hours.  Take Sammy, and get some father-son time.  Paint me a nice Saturnscape.

husband: Okay, but it doesn't seem fair.

LIBRETTI: I know, but nobody said like was going to be fair.