Sunday June 1, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity, at the High Atlantis Spaceport...

ENNESBY: Out with it, Elf.  What's the matter?

ELF: She left me here to babysit the ship.  I thought she trusted me.

ENNESBY: Permission to speak freely, Captain?

ELF: Acting captain.  And I'm not going to be taking the ship anywhere, so I'm really more like the acting parking attendant.

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ENNESBY: What you're supposed to say is "speak your mind, Ennesby.  I value your opinion."

ELF: Say what you want.  I can't think of any time, ever, when you've done otherwise.

ENNESBY: Okay, that'll do.

Murtaugh doesn't stroke people.

She only comes straight out with compliments when she's manipulating somebody who didn't deserve the compliment in the first place.

ELF: I don't think you've known her long enough to say that.  None of us have.

ENNESBY: I reviewed twenty-two thousand hours of logs from S.A. Bristlecone, her previous command.

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ENNESBY: Her leaving you here to "babysit the ship?"  She trusts you implicitly.

ENNESBY: It's me she has doubts about.

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ELF: Well, don't tell her about the log thing, because that's creepy.