Sunday May 11, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity, Chaplain's Lounge, session in progress...

ELF: ... so yeah, I guess I am angry, and I've got nowhere to let it out.

THEO: You've let out quite a bit of anger here with me, Commander Foxworthy.

ELF: All you've done is sit there and nod.

THEO: Oh.  I see.

ELF: See what?  That this session is useless?

THEO: I see that you don't want to vent, or slug a punching bag.  You want to pick a fight with someone who will fight back.

Your life's been full of rough things, both before and after you ran away to join a mercenary company.  But you've managed.  You fought your way through.

THEO: You knew you had issues, but you thought you'd put them behind you.

You thought that maybe, just maybe you were ready to move on, and move up.

Three months ago you thought command of this company might fall jointly to you and your boyfriend.

But here you are, one layer lower in the command structure, taking orders from someone you just met, and she's so effective that you feel useless.

And your boyfriend?  Promoted and transferred.

So... you're angry, and there's nobody to punch.  Not because you're too wise to punch your new Captain, but because the person you're angry at is you.

THEO: You're angry with yourself for believing that something nice could happen to you.

THEO: I hope you're feeling better now that I've fought back.  Please don't kill me.