Sunday June 8, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Villa Gondwonamere, Dom Atlantis...

MAC: Whoa.  Somebody bent you some sweet thatch.

HIOEFUA: These apartments were vacated by a former member of your plutorliament.

MAC: How come they didn't get snatched up by other rich folk?

SORLIE: When plutocrats can't afford to retain their seats, the newer, richer plutes don't want to buy, let alone rent, the "tainted" quarters.

SCHLOCK: The girl handler just told her that.

MURTAUGH: I guessed as much.

SORLIE: Team, I need leverage on the amorph.  Carrot, stick, whatever.  He's getting on my nerves.

SCHLOCK: I hope they pick carrot.

SORLIE: Perfect.  Thank you.

SORLIE: Sergeant, I am now in possession of a list of foods you have not tried, but will probably love.  Would you like to know where you can find them?

MURTAUGH: If you succeed in bending my sergeant's behavior in this way, I will pay good money for that carrot.