Sunday June 22, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Back at the ambassadorial villa...

SCHLOCK: Everybody on Earth lives under a giant, solar-powered superweapon.

SORLIE: Oh, the Ring.  I'd forgotten about that.

SCHLOCK: Forgotten?  How can you...  That's like forgetting there's a sky.

SORLIE: It's okay.  The Ring has built-in safeguards, and Earth's cities have annie-plants under them.

SCHLOCK: Yeah, that's what the churro-guy at Tucker's said.

SCHLOCK: So I told him about how an annie-plant is also a superweapon.

SCHLOCK: And then he asked me if I was going to buy anything, and I don't see how that's related.

SORLIE: I'd have told him that at least we're not in Credomar.

Thirty million people, all living in the actual barrel of a particle accelerator.

SORLIE: Fortunately the U.N.S. evacuated them before their crazy, robot king could cook them in a stream of plasma.

SCHLOCK: The U.N.S. didn't evacuate them.  We did.

SCHLOCK: Well, not me-we.  I was busy, um, "discharging" Chisulo, Chelle, and Elizabeth from the hospital.  Ennesby and Kevyn made that mess.

Theo was there.  He can tell you all about it.

SCHLOCK: Anyway, it's not just a particle accelerator.  One of King LOTA's Burana-bots called in a beam-strike from halfway across the—

MURTAUGH: *interrupting* So, did you buy anything?  What's in the bag?

SCHLOCK: Oh!  It's related because he wanted me to stop talking about that!  And now you... um... want some of these churros?