Tuesday September 2, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


MAKO: *thought bubble* This stock M3 might let me stun or immobilize a few of the Toughs, but I need real killing power.

*thought bubble* I'll hustle home, hope nobody comes to arrest me, cobble together an I.E.D. or two, and upload a final report while I "cook."

*thought bubble* This would be so much easier if this sleeper had the new morph package...

*thought bubble* Oh well.  "If wishes were fishes."

billboard*printed* Follow the Sun

For the BIG 31!

Sunset tracking tours from

just 299.95.61

billboard: *printed* SZUPA

MAKO: *thought bubble* Note for the final report: "Please upgrade the rest of the sleepers so they all have morph packages.  Thank you."

MAKO: *thought bubble* Heh.  If I had the morph package, wishes could be fishes.